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About Our Farm

Milky Way Ranch is a local family-run Farm in the midlands of South Carolina.  We raised Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, produced delicious goat milk products, fresh eggs and hosted a variety of fun activities since 2014.  Our dairy goat herd is now retired due to increased feed cost, difficulty finding safe homes for goat kids, and unavailability of farm help.

Our herd is lovingly protected by our Anatolian Shepherd Dogs who guard them day and night to keep them safe from predators.  We no longer breed livestock guardian dogs because we have our hands full already.  We do know of other breeders and can help you find livestock guardian dogs for your herd.  Livestock guardian dogs are limited to specific breeds who have been raised for thousands of years to develop the traits that make them exclusively qualified for their very important job.

We host a variety of fun, creative and educational activities that take place throughout the year. Check out our events calendar for upcoming group events, or schedule a private farm tour on the booking tab. 


We invite you to shop at our online store, explore our YouTube channel, and join us on Patreon.  Thank you for your support!  

Spicy with first babies
sugar n spice and everything nice
baby Charming with his mommy
cute bucks
the originals

Mission and Aspirations

Our missing is providing education and awareness about dairy goats, producing quality dairy and egg products,  and preserving the health and dairy qualities of the Nigerian dwarf dairy goat breed.

the originals
Hero and her gaots
cute bucks

Our Story

Milky Way Ranch began as a three generation farm, inspired by the eldest generation, who had a dream of starting a farm together.  Middle generation began researching dairy goats and came across photos of Nigerian dwarf goat kids.  That sealed the deal.  The elder of our farm family now watches over us from heaven and cares for our animals who have gone on to the eternal pasture.  The youngest is now grown and works full time as a teacher.  That leaves the middle generation carrying on the farm dream and helping ensure that fresh milk and adorable goats will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Spicy with first babies
caramel with sugar daddy
2018 Babies
bottle baby
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